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Book a workshop with your family or group with a minimum of 3 participants

The weekly classes of drawing and watercolour can also be booked as a workshop.

No discount is offered when booking a different time, or for pop up guest artist workshops.

If you are part of a large group ( over 8 people ) there are certain workshops that are suitable for large groups and a group discount will be available.


To register:

Nature printing

Book on Sunday Afternoon


Cost: $55  per person ( price includes materials and tax)

Duration: 2.5 hours

Instructor: Angela Struik / Huyer

Ages: 8 and up

Minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 participants

Experience the thrill of creating intricately detailed prints from nature. Using leaves, flowers, feathers, grass and other natural materials we will be making painted artwork suitable for framing or use in other projects.

Neurographic Art

Book workshop on Sunday afternoon

This workshop is suitable for large groups

Instructor: Angela Struik / Huyer or Marlene Schaly

Cost: $35 ( materials and tax included in the price)

Duration: 2 hours

Ages: 8 and up

Minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 participants 

In this workshop, students will use watercolour paints and paint pens to create line, colour and form to make intuitive neurographic  artwork. Sound a little artsy-fartsy? It might be but it's also a heck of a lot of fun with beautiful results. Using guided techniques,  students will use shape and colour to create landscapes which float through space, or drift across the page. They will connect with their inner creative spirit to mindfully explore this medium.  No experience is necessary


Polymer Clay Sculpture

Book on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday

Instructor: Marlene Schaly

Duration: 3 hours 

Cost:  $50 (plus materials) per person 

Minimum of 3, maximum of 6 students per class

All ages.  Children under 5 to be accompanied by an adult 


Learn the art of polymer clay sculpture and discover its endless possibilities in this workshop. We use an oven bake Sculpey clay and have a variety of tools, molds and textured sheets as well as glass beads and steampunk gears to create your sculpture. The studio has many choices of iridescent powders that give a stunning finish to your image. We have a variety of examples of finished sculptures on display to inspire you.  


If you have booked the one time booking, you will have the first 2.5 hours to complete your sculpture.  In the last hour your sculpture will be baked, cooled and assembled onto your prepared  6” X 6” panel board. 

If you are booking a series of classes you will have time you explore and create more complex sculpure(s).   If you are booking more than 1 class the cost is $50 per session and materials are to be calculated at the end of the sessions. The sculptures below are done by students of the studio and a few examples of our instructors on advanced clay sculpture. Some of these sculptures by students are done in one session but most take more than one session.

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